Working (Away) From Home

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Is the workation here to stay?

Working from home has become standard practice in the past year. Depending on your perspective, it offers benefits that include removing the commute, giving people more time to get outdoors, exercise, practise new hobbies and spend time with their families. On the downside, when the home becomes your workplace it can feel like you’re always at work. Rather than being distracted by the office gossip, it’s your family who intrude, especially if you have children. The inescapable meetings are still there but they are now online, prone to Wi-Fi issues and household noise. If you’re working from a spare room you may be subject to poor ergonomics or lighting although your employer is supposed to help with that.

From these frustrations, the workation was born. This remote working concept comes in two main forms; people working anywhere that is not their home or employment site, and people going on holiday with the intention of still doing some work. Hospitality providers have been able to provide professionals with workable solutions. In September the world-famous MGM group in Las Vegas started offering a “work from Vegas” programme that saw people spending a working week in the city’s top resort hotels. In the UK, people tended to choose nearby locations and return home in the evenings. In either case, there are some key aspects that have to be catered for.

Apartrooms has seen its fair share of workation business as we are set up for business travellers anyway. They appreciate the peaceful location, the superfast Wi-Fi and comfortable working conditions. Our check-in process is contactless and simple so no time is wasted and, during the pandemic, there is no unnecessary exposure to risk. Our guests have direct access to their rooms from the free car park and there are no keys. People don’t want to swap their houses for something less comfortable so we offer a home from home feel with cooking and dining facilities and comfy seating.

These benefits are still important for those that travel on holiday with the intention of working but there are further touches like the cosy Hypnos beds, the contactless entertainment system and the power shower that make a stay more relaxing whether working or not. Our keyless doors mean that other family members can come and go easily without causing too many interruptions.

We think that people will continue to work away from their offices even when the pandemic is under control and using locations like ours will become a more regular option. Whatever your reason for travel, we look forward to welcoming you to Apartrooms later in the year.

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