Our building is designed to be energy efficient and by following Passivhaus* principles we can reduce on-going energy consumption, lower our ecological footprint and operate a sustainable business. How do we achieve this? See below:



It starts with the building fabric, extra insulation along with an airtight envelope helps keep the cold out and the heat in.


All the light fittings throughout the building are low energy LED. The main lighting in the Apartrooms can be dimmed.


We only use non-bio detergents.

EV Charging Points

We have 2 free to use charging points for electric vehicles.

Solar Gain

Each Apartroom has floor to ceiling glass windows that face South East, this helps to heat the room on sunny days. Solar control glazing and shading prevent overheating.


Internet connected thermostats in every Apartroom enable us to monitor and adjust the room temperature remotely.


We use refillable soap and shampoo bottles.

Public Transport

We are located on a bus route with regular service to Aberdeen.


Mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR) provides fresh filtered air into the building whilst retaining most of the energy that has already been used in heating the building.


Towels and sheets are not changed daily, we encourage guests to use the towel rails or drying rack in the room.

Occupancy Sensors

Each Apartroom has an occupancy sensor that can turn off the heating if it detects that nobody is home.

Solar PV

9 kw of bi-facial solar photovoltaic panels help meet the electricity demand. All excess energy is diverted to an electric immersion which pre-heats the water used for showers and the central heating. 

Online Building Management

The weather compensating gas boilers, thermostats and mvhr ventilation are managed via the cloud, meaning that changes can be made remotely.

Kitchen Appliances

All main appliances are A+ Rated

* Apartooms is not Passivhaus certified