About Us

About our eco building

It was designed in line with Passivhaus principals which results in lower energy consumption. This is achieved via a super insulated, airtight building envelope, triple glazed windows and mechanical ventilation heat recovery. We have solar PV panels on the roof which provide renewable clean energy to the building. This energy is used to provide domestic hot water and central heating. Each Apartoom was built off-site in a factory and transported to site pre-finished, this helped reduce construction waste.

About UsĀ 

My name is Stuart Duncan and I have been involved in short term property rental for over 30 years. More recently I started designing and building low energy modular buildings. In addition I incorporated smart home technologies. Apartrooms is the culmination of all these business experiences.

Thanks To

We faced considerable challenges to get this building constructed. Special thanks goes to: Helen Page, Ian & Kathleen Duncan, Alan & Jenny Niven, Stephen & Julia Jupp, Nick Lawson, James McAllan, Dave Rose, Ian & Phil Hooper, Elias Makrypoulias, Jim Webster, Neil Fraser, Rod Taylor, Grampian Heating, NWT Solar.